Saturday, September 27, 2008


Paranoia (paranoid personality disorder) People who suffer from this disorder believe that people around them can’t be trusted and that people around them are plotting against them. People who suffer from paranoia believe in what their saying and can’t understand why you don’t believe them. They are quick to challenge your friendship and the loyalty of their family and are quick to blame them for their misfortunes.
Here are some ways that you might want to help elevate the stress from someone who is suffering from paranoid personality disorder until professional help arrives.
Take the person away from the area where the incident took place. Find a quiet room with lots of light and no glass. Constantly reassure the person that you believe in what they are telling you. Whatever you do remain calm try not to panic. Turn the radio on to classical or smooth jazz keep the music low and talk about good times ask the person if they would like something cool to drink. If possible avoid teas, coffees and sodas they could make the person hyper.
Ask if the person took their medication and had something to eat sometimes they forget. Encourage the person to see a doctor and offer to go with them.
Keep in mind that if this is a friend or love one of yours that you must realize that there is only so much that you can do for them personally and not to take the blame for their actions. So love them hold them and care for them but get on with your life. Remember that you can’t help them if you can’t take care of yourself.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Be prepared when dealing with the compensation board and it's courts.. Many times the lawyers and the judges appear to ignore you which in the court room. It is a policy of the courts for judges not to let cleints speak directly with them unless the judge needs an anwser to a specific question.. I guess its because they are trying to remain basis to your situation. I know this can make things frastrating for you but try not to take things personal. The system is a little backwards and out dated and needs to be revised in many ways.

Monday, September 15, 2008


It is important to find a good lawyer. Be sure to ask around there are just as many good lawyers as there are bad ones. Co-workers are your best soruce of information when it comes to finding a good lawyer. The lawyer of your dreams should be able to communicate with you either through their staff or themselves. Make sure you supply your lawyer with all information that comes to you. Fax everything to them. When your in the court room let your lawyer do all the talking, never volunteer anything. Workers compensation lawyers need to be strong so look for a tough lawyer.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Social Security Office
Pension Board

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Keep records of everything. If you don't have one you should keep a folder to store all your information in. All papers you receive should be kept in order for easy access. Write down appointments and names and phone numbers.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


On July 2006 I slipped on the stairs at my work place breaking my ankle. I went to my doctor where I received xrays and my foot was put into an air cast. I continued to see my doctors every six to eight weeks until I was told that I needed surgery. I decided to have surgery on July 28 2007. I return to my surgeons office eight weeks later only to find out that I would never be able to drive a bus again. I am currently on pain pills four times daily. My daily activites include a five minute walk, swimming, writing play music and instruments. I try to remain positive daily which many times is impossible because of pain I deal with daily. I have been staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning lately I hope to change this soon.